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The Worm Bin composting system is a multiple tray worm bin that works on the upward migration concept. Start with one empty tray above the collector unit. Place worms and food in this tray. When it is full of finished castings, place a second empty tray on top and put food in the empty tray. The worms will start to move up following the food source. Repeat the process with the third tray. When the third tray is full, empty the bottom tray and move the empty tray to the top, keeping the process going. Moisture that percolates to the collector on the base of the unit can be drained off and used as an organic liquid fertilizer. Instruction manual included.

The Worm Bin is very compact, measuring 16 inches square and 26 inches tall. It includes the stand, base unit (collector with drain spout), three trays, and a cover. Complete instructions included.

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