boot on brick

“Clean ‘em quicker with your BootLicker”

The BootLicker is a unique design, created by us and handcrafted in our own workshop! The perfectly angled frame and three brushes allow cleaning of bottom and sides with a comfortable and natural motion, making this the most effective boot and shoe cleaner we’ve ever seen. Two models are available, each measuring 11.5” x 11.5”.

The hardwood model comes with a polyurethaned hardwood block and stiff maroon polypropylene bristles. This model is recommended for heavy duty application such as barnyard or construction work boots.

The plastic model comes with a hard black plastic block and red and black polypropylene bristles. The bristles are moderately stiff and are suitable for cleaning shoes and boots worn in the street or yard.

The BootLicker comes with two lag screws, which will fasten it securely to a wooden surface. The BootLicker can be installed permanently on a porch or deck. A portable installation is also possible by fixing it to a 2’ piece of 2”x10” plank. Application on an asphalt or concrete surface would be possible with the use of quick set anchor cement.

Hardwood model  (recommended for heavy duty footwear)


Plastic model   (recommended for everyday footwear)


NOTE: Due to the high cost of shipping, theBootlicker is now only available for purchase at our Rollinsford location. Give us a call if you’d like to arrange a pickup!